Opening the perspectives of change, starting with us …

4 min readJan 14, 2021


As a famous quote says, “be the change you want to see in the world”. Swoopin is trying its very best every day by taking radical and positive actions. With this aspiration in our strategic sight, we have a strong CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy that drives our intrinsic willpower to act through environmental and social engagements for a better future.

Engaged for the sustainability

Swoopin is born from a wish to prove that climate concerns mean neither “expensive choices”, “less flexibility” nor “negative impact on benefits”. We are not a “so-so” company, doing some good things to balance with other not-so-good things. More than sustainable logistic solution, we want to embody the environmental engagement with our sustainable and purpose-driven vision.

Just as the services we offer, we are trying to be as carbon neutral as possible. The sooner the better, we started with a complete carbon footprint audit to take stock of our environmental impact and make the best decisions for the future.

This carbon footprint audit gave us some clues to recognize what we are doing right or not, what can be improved and to refocus on our real target. With this audit and the precious advices of qualified people, we are planning our next actions to manage our greenhouse gas emissions in order to contribute to the carbon neutrality between now and 2030 and further. A goal 20-year more ambitious than the Paris Agreement, we adopted it following the B Corp commitments and the B Corp Climate Collective.

Committed to the people

For Swoopin, being concerned about our planet is also being concerned about the people living on it. We act as a company who is employing and managing people daily, and we know the ethic is a key to the well-being of everyone.

From our recruitment to our daily management, we focus on empowering people to bring as much freedom as possible for our employees. For those reasons we start by giving them the choice between the contract types: the security of permanent, the occasional need of fixed-term or the flexibility of freelance contracts. Moreover, we contribute to further the employment in deprived areas, especially for the youngest ones.

Every day, we give our best to enhance the well-being at work through initiatives such as a fair salary, internal promotions, good-quality equipment provided… We always want to learn more by questioning our employees through anonymous forms to fill out about their feelings at work. And for the new ones who join the crew, we have a welcoming program to help them take their mark and feel good quickly.

We act FOR the world

To officially prove our commitment to our environmental and social engagements, we are currently being certified B Corp. This certification is accorded to businesses which find a balance between purpose and profit and act for a better world.

The B Corp Certification means a lot for us. As a neutral third party, the committee can fairly judge if our strategy and our actions are truly valuable and efficient for the community, the workers, the customers, regarding the governance and the environment. Joining a community of businesses which want to positively impact the world, every certified company is leading to a constant improvement in terms of social and environmental engagements.

We want more than just acting in the world. We want Swoopin to act for the world and to be recognized as a company with a sustainable business model which make real impacts. We want to become an example for other businesses to make this commitment too and prove that the fair way is good for the planet, good for the people and good their performance as well. Hopefully, we will soon be certified B Corp. But if we are not, we will keep on doing our best to act for the world. And maybe do the BIA again ;) !

As young as Swoopin can be, we truly believe that we can make a change. To make this happen, we offer green logistic substitutes that we want neutral in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. We also want to embody this willpower with impacting environmental and social engagements such as the ones we listed in the article and many others still in the making. With this green, ethical and sustainable vision, we are becoming the change we want to see in the world.




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