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Swoopin is an IMPACT technology company global provider of sustainable transportation and urban logistics services

As a famous quote says, “be the change you want to see in the world”. Swoopin is trying its very best every day by taking radical and positive actions. With this aspiration in our strategic sight, we have a strong CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy that drives our intrinsic willpower to act through environmental and social engagements for a better future.

Engaged for the sustainability

Swoopin is born from a wish to prove that climate concerns mean neither “expensive choices”, “less flexibility” nor “negative impact on benefits”. We are not a “so-so” company, doing some good things to balance with other not-so-good things. …

300.000 repas livrés au personnel soignant en 30 jours!

Face au Covid-19, les professionnels de santé font preuve d’un dévouement exemplaire. Chez Swoopin, depuis le début de la crise sanitaire, nous avons une conviction forte : nous devons soutenir nos héros engagés dans un combat difficile et sans précédent.

Dès le lundi 16 mars, jour de l’annonce du confinement, nous avons pris la décision de suspendre notre activité au profit d’une action solidaire de soutien du personnel soignant. …


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